New Song 

I have a new song "Morning Vibe" set to be released within the next day or two. 

New release and new material 

I released my new single "Spring Reflections" late last year, and hoping to have another new song ready for release within the next couple of months. Hope you enjoy the new tunes:) Tom

New Release Coming Soon! 

I'm so excited! Just submitted my first official release in 21 years; however, still waiting for the notification in regard to when it will actually be released. Once I find out, I'll send out the notification. Woohoo!!

First tune in the works 

I'm making great progress on some new material. Hope to have a sample of a new tune out over the next couple of weeks!

Maybe this time.. 

Well, my last blog a few years ago indicated I planned on stepping away from playing in a band and get back to writing/recording. I blame my sax player for convincing me to get back in a band again (called Six Degrees). After playing with them for the past two years, the urge to write and record took over once again and I'm leaving the band to again focus on what I intended to do initially. However, this time I have three or four new tunes in the making, and looking forward to FINALLY laying some tracks…

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Back to the music 

Well, after years of playing with my classic rock band TJ Coupe, I've decided to come back to my passion, which is writing and playing the kind of music like on my CD "Among Friends." I plan on finally starting work on the sequel to "Among Friends" and hope to have some new tracks out in the near future. I've also started a new artist Facebook page for me at Now I just need to walk the talk...:)

Future dates 

Just a heads up that I'll be starting to play my music live in the very near future...finally! Check back soon for future dates.