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Tom June: Bio

I started playing the piano when I was 5 years old. I never had the patience for piano lessons, which today I somewhat regret since there are some things I hear in my head, but my fingers can’t play since I never had the formal training. However, I developed the philosophy (as if I had a choice) that it’s not how many notes you use, but the ones you choose. Ok, here’s little bit of my musical journey:

1980s: I toured for a large part of the 1980s with a band called “Elik Pink and Dolls”. Through the years with Elik I had the fortune of doing a few opening acts for the likes of The Romantics, Bachman Turner Overdrive, and a few others. Definitely seems like another life ago.

1990s: I finally released my own CD called “Among Friends” in 1997. Although I’ve played everything from classic rock to New Age, the music on this CD expresses more of my instrumental passion. During the 1990s, I also enjoyed playing for a local group called “No Excuse”, which were a local classic rock band here in Denver. We were just weekend warriors, but everyone was a seasoned musician, and we provided a great show when we played. I also enjoyed playing with a great person and musician by the name of Pat Mendoza. Pat has about a 5-octave phenomenal voice. If you get a moment, visit his website at

The 2000s: I had the opportunity to set in with groups who allowed me to play some keys once in awhile (i.e. Railbenders, Bo Diddley).

2009-present: I started the band "TJ Coupe around late 2009 and played the Denver area up until October 2014. With the conclusion of that project, I'm now focused on recording a sequel to "Among Friends." Now I just need to make it happen....